SEEING Christmas - picture book by Karen Stacy illustrated by Joel-Schoon Tanis

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In SEEING Christmas, picture book by Karen Stacy, illustrated by Joel-Schoon Tanis, come take a look at Christmas through a different set of eyes. Come see the season in a whole new light. Be inspired by noticing Jesus in places you may not have seen him before, hiding in every detail of this most wonderful time of the year! Sometimes a new perspective can change everything...

SEEING Christmas is a 36 page, 10"X10" hardcover inspirational picture book for young and old alike, with a soft touch cover and dust jacket. It's unique perspective will take the stress out of your Christmas experience, and replace it with all of the meaning it is meant to have. SEEING Christmas is sure to become a favorite! Read it every year as you prepare to celebrate Christ's birth, and learn to SEE Christmas a whole new way.